Find True Balance

Everything in the Universe is in the process of seeking equilibrium, including you. The practice of Tai Chi helps you find it physically, which the first step to allowing it to be present in every aspect of your life

Tai Chi is a moving meditation that benefits your mind, body and spirit. It's a powerful path for cultivating an awareness of your personal life force, (Qi) and learning to consciously direct it with your mind for the optimal functioning of your body and life in general. 

Tai Chi improves internal and external balance, strengthens the immune system, aids in more graceful movement and ultimately helps those who practice embody the wisdom and understanding of the universal principles, which enables you to truly live a more on purpose, peaceful, balanced and happy life.  



Physically performing the Tai Chi set helps you gain an embodied understanding of the seven Universal Principles of Polarity (duality), Mentalism (true nature of energy), Rhythm (cycles of action and reaction), Vibration (energy in constant motion), Correspondence (as above, so below), Gender (both yin and yang exist in everything) and Cause and Effect (Causation.)

The conscious movement from yin to yang as you shift your weight from left to right, back and forth and up and down opens new neural networks and offers greater understanding of how the play of opposites (Polarity) creates the world you experience with all your senses. 

Striving to synchronize the movements of the upper and lower body for smoother flow, as you glide through the dance of yin and yang, heightens your awareness of rhythm and correspondence.

As you mentally direct your movements with concentration and precision, you begin to gain an experiential understanding of how your mind effects every aspect of your body and life. When you observe how a wandering mind can cause you to lose awareness of your body and the form, and affects your balance and rememberence of the sequence, you get a clear understanding of the power of present moment awareness, the law of cause and effect and the law of mentalism. 

As you develop the ability to physically feel the sensations of the vibration of your Qi, (internal energy), and experience the Universal Qi moving in and through you, you gain an embodied understanding of the principle of Vibration  (energy in motion) that animates the entire Universe.

  • A calm mind dissolves all distractions and expands your awareness of yourself and all of life as it is. As you slow your chatter, you become more conscious of the thoughts you're cultivating that are, in effect, running your life.

  • According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the AMA, slow motion movement enhances your immune system. You reap the rewards of this enhancement with regular practice.

  • Qi flow is stimulated as you move every part of your body. The Qi travels through the meridians (energy channels) that correspond to organs and boost the function of the organ

  • Keeping your vision up and looking at the long view keeps your mind focused on the ‘bigger picture’ and expands your conscious awareness.

  • Regular practice heightens your intuition and awakens you to the spiritual nature of your being. 


Enhancing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life and becoming more balanced is an option that's always available to you. If you’re willing to commit to a regular practice to make it happen, Tai Chi may be the most enjoyable, effective and rewarding path to a fuller, richer experience of YOU.